Ethiopia Launches a New Comprehensive Strategy to Quadruple Coffee Revenue by 2033

June 30, 2022, marks the launch of the new Coffee Developmental strategy.  After much delay Due to the pandemic, the strategy that was drafted in 2019 has now embarked on its Journey at an event held at ECTA.

Coffee, accounting for the largest share in export earnings in the county has been a source of employment and livelihood for more than a quarter of the country’s population generating more the 30 percent of the nation’s foreign exchange. however, the country hasn’t been able to reap the benefit of its production despite it being one of the biggest exporters of coffee in Africa.

According to SATENAW NEWS, 15 years of comprehensive Coffee Development Strategy is now employed aiming to maximize export revenue from coffee, increase value chain income, enhance the lives of small farmers, and protect forests and the diverse wild coffee varieties of the nation.

The strategy focuses on 6 Pillars

  • research
  • production-enhancing extension services
  • processing
  • value addition
  • marketing
  • sector strengthening

According to Techno Serve, if the strategy is implemented the following benefits can be reaped

  • Export could grow from $780 million in 2019 to $3.6 trillion- $4.6 trillion within 15 years.
  • Income of farmers will increase from $ 468 million to 3.5 billion.
  • Employment will be generated for 2.7 million people in Ethiopian
  • Coffee supply will grow from 470,000-meter tone in 2019 to almost 1.26 million metro ton in 2033

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