More than 500 stolen Ethiopian Artifacts found in England

About 538 artifacts stolen from Ethiopia were found in England

It is stated that the artifacts were looted by soldiers when the British invaded Ethiopia in 1868.

When “The Prince and the Planter” was translated into Amharic, the Englishman Andrew Havens, who published a book called “The Prince and the Plunder”, is said to have pointed out in detail how about 538 Ethiopian artifacts were taken to England.

The national news source, Evening Standard, reported that the author suggested that the artifacts are located in London.

The artifacts they mentioned ranged from small sacred books and artifacts to jeweled bracelets, royal robes, royal wedding robes, crowns, and arks.

He also pointed out that the British soldiers returned with the artifacts in their bags and pockets.

The author said, “My book is not a campaign book asking for the heritage to be returned to Ethiopia; It is information. “It is Ethiopia’s business to ask,” he said.

It is also stated that Andrew Havens, who made the information public in his book, was working as a journalist in Ethiopia.


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