Israel plans to take two thousand Jews from Ethiopia

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to strengthen relations with the Ethiopian Israeli community has been approved.

According to this plan, to take 2,000 jews to Tel Aviv, according to the Jerusalem Post.

In 2015, the Israeli government was unable to transport 9,000 Ethiopians jews who wanted to travel to Israel because of the lack of budget.

The plan proposed by the Prime Minister has a budget of $66 million to transport Ethiopian Israelis.

The report that the country’s government has plan to strengthen its relationship with more than 160 thousand Ethiopian Jews citizens in Israel, especially to let in them in the country’s military.

In addition, strengthening the trust between Ethiopian jews and Israelis, as well as the government, are among the issues that have been given attention.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his cabinet, “Now is the right time to bring our 2,000 Jews brothers and sisters to Israel.”

The Prime Minister also said that he will bring people who are left over the mentioned number to the country.

The Israelis in Israel have been repeatedly asking for their families in Ethiopia to come to them, even by marching.

Currently, there are more than 160,000 Israelis in the country, and 50,000 are said to have been born in Israel.


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