Ethiopia earns $300,000 from donkey meat export

China is the major donkey meat destination and the demand is increasing drastically.

According to Ethiopia Animal Authority, in the 2022/23 Ethiopia earned $300,000 by exporting donkey meat to Hong Kong.

The authority deputy head Dr. Sahlu Mulu said that, apart from donkey meat, countries like China use donkey skin extensively for medicine, so the meat product was sent to Hong Kong.

They added that the income was obtained by exporting 140 tons of donkey meat to the foreign market in the last financial year.

The institute has planned to export 600 tons of donkey meat in the fiscal year.

Due to the shortage of shipping containers for donkey meat exports, slaughterhouses had a negative impact on the product being offered to the international market after the middle of the year.

This problem has been pointed out as the main cause of not getting the income as planned this year.

However, due to the shortage of shipping containers observed in the sector, better performance was achieved in this fiscal year, Dr. Sahlu Mulu recalled that during the same period last year, about $200 thousand was earned from donkey meat export.

The income from donkey meat export shows an increase compared to the same period last year.

In order to solve the problem related to the lack of shipping containers, various works were done in cooperation with the Ministry Transport and Logistics.

The institution plans to work intensively to get better income from the sector and to support Ethiopia’s economy in the coming year.


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