More than 50 districts are out of government control in Amhara

Due to the war in the Amhara region, the districts that are considered to be outside the government structure have been announced.

The government has banned the operation of unregulated district and city administration bank accounts.

North Shewa, North Wolo, Gojam, Gondar and South Wolo zonal areas are out of government control.

There has been unrest in the Amhara region since the federal government decided to disband the regional special forces last April.

The instability of the region is getting worse and the Amhara regional government said that the issue is beyond its control and asked the federal government to intervene.

Following this, the House of People’s Representatives declared a six-month state of emergency in the Amhara region.

Currently, fighting is going on between Fano and the national defense army in several places of Amhara region.

And in places that are said to be outside the control of the government, the bank accounts of government institutions have been blocked from making money transfers.

The checks of the districts which have been blocked from money transfer have been blocked by the regional cash office on the grounds that they have been stolen.

The National Defense Force is reorganizing the government structures disbanded by Fano militants in the region, especially in the cities, and bringing the suspects under the control of the law.


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