Hosea Real Estate to transfer over 310 homes to buyers

Hosea Real Estate PLC announced Tuesday that it will transfer over 310 homes to homebuyers on Saturday, November 19, 2022.

The luxury villas including apartments constructed at Ayat 49 area, located at the recently established Lemi-Kura Sub City.

The new site dubbed “Yerer Homes Village” is named after the famous mountain.

“Construction of the homes village consumed two years and six months,” Seife Fekade, Deputy CEO of Hosea Real Estate said in a presser on Tuesday at Yerer Homes Village.

The 14 high-end apartments of Yerer Village have 4 units per floors on each G+4 building. Moreover, it consists of polished granite with metal hand rail finish on stairs and landings as well as fire extinguisher and security cameras installed on each floor.

The village also incorporates 20 villas each sprawled over 250 square meters, said Seife.

“We have delivered our promise by finalizing the construction on time despite the soaring cost of construction materials that challenged our operations,” Seife said.

Parking slots, pedestrian lanes, green areas, children playground, basketball and tennis court balls are also included in the village.

Debebe H/Gebriel, A Legal Advisor at Hosea Real Estate similarly said: “There’re customers who told us that they don’t expect construction of the homes will be completed in such short time.” “Even they used their finances for other purposes.”

He added: “We’ve made price adjustments following the ever-rising cost of construction inputs.”

Pertaining to selling prices Seife said that currently the selling price is 95,000 Birr per square meter.

Previously, Hosea Real Estate handed over Roha Apartments, located behind Axum Hotel to home buyers.

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