Ethiopia Starts Hip and Knee Joint Transplant Treatment

For the first time in Ethiopia, total hip and knee replacement treatment has begun at Yekatit 12 Hospital in Addis Ababa.

The Addis Ababa City Administration Health Office has announced that Yekatit 12 Hospital Medical College has officially started providing orthopedic surgery and joint replacement surgery services.

According to Dr. Saeed Muhammad, a specialist in orthopedic surgery, joint replacement, and arthroscopy, the hospital has commenced offering full hip and knee joint replacement surgery services.

This groundbreaking service involves completely removing the severely damaged hip or knee joint and replacing it with an artificial part.

This initiative marks a significant milestone in Ethiopian medical history, as it is the first time such advanced treatment has been available in the country.

It is expected to benefit many individuals who experience difficulty walking and moving due to hip and knee joint pain.

Dr. Saeed explained that, in the past, the high cost of such treatments prevented low-income sections of society from accessing these services, causing them to suffer from severe pain.

He emphasized, “The hospital is working extensively to provide various services to the public at an affordable price to make this service accessible to many citizens.”

The medical expert highlighted several potential causes of hip joint pain, including improperly treated joint infections, arthritis, and other previously untreated joint conditions.

Additionally, he noted that regular alcohol use can aggravate the condition by reducing blood flow to the joint head.

Dr. Saeed advised that individuals experiencing symptoms of hip joint pain should seek medical attention promptly. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent further complications and improve the quality of life for those affected.

Yekatit 12 Hospital’s new service is a significant step forward in Ethiopian healthcare, providing much-needed relief to patients with severe hip and knee joint issues and improving their overall mobility and quality of life.

Established in 1923, Yekatit 12 Hospital Medical College is one of the oldest hospitals in Ethiopia. Initially named “Bete Saida Be Tefferi Mekonnen Hospital,” it was renamed Yekatit 12 Hospital when the Derg regime came to power in the 1970s. The hospital was founded by Dr. Ayner, a Swedish medical doctor who served as its medical director until 1936.


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