Ethiopian Delegation Visits Djibouti’s Doralleh Port

An Ethiopian delegation led by the State Minister for Trade and Regional Integration, Endalew Mekonen, has visited the port operation at Djibouti’s Doralleh Multi-Purpose Port.

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the working visit was jointly organized by the government of Djibouti, the USAID and Catholic Relief society.

During the visit, the joint team was able to discuss and deliberate the bulk cargo operation at Doralleh Multi-Purpose Port as well as the aid bulk cargo that is currently being transported to different parts of Ethiopia through Djibouti ports.

It was underscored that the operation at the port has substantially improved over time since the DMP is now capable of efficiently handling huge amounts of both fertilizer and wheat cargos simultaneously.

During the occasion, a site visit was also conducted, which included key areas where wheat bulk cargos are bagged and loaded into Ethiopian trucks, as well as grain cargoes that are being imported through aid organizations and partners.

The joint delegation was briefed on the various mechanisms for assessing and approving grain cargo for transit to Ethiopia.

State Minister for Trade and Regional Integration Endalew Mekonen noted during the onsite deliberation that there is a need to continue the current coordination among different pertinent entities involved along the supply chain.

He has also extended his appreciation towards the DMP and the Government of Djibouti for their relentless endeavor.


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