OCHA Appreciate Government’s Effort to support Humanitarian Action in Tigray State

The UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) Head for Ethiopia, Michel Saad, said that he greatly appreciates and acknowledges the efforts of the government in supporting OCHA in its actions of humanitarian aid to Tigray Regional State.

In an exclusive interview with the Ethiopian News Agency, OCHA Ethiopia head  said that his organization works with different entities after an assessment of the priority of the assistance needed on the ground.

According to the director, although the office  does not provide direct assistance, it does work with United Nations organizations, national and international NGOs and  government-related organizations at the federal, regional and zonal levels.

“Between December 15 and April 1, we were unable to send humanitarian aid by road from Semera. But on the other hand, we have managed to send very important products, including medicine and medical products by air transport,” Saad said.

 According him, from the 1st of April, progress was observed which started with the transport of a few trucks, however, from the beginning of June until the 18th, almost 2000 trucks managed to transport  food, medical and sanitary products carrying 40 tons each.

The head noted : “some trucks that were sent for humanitarian aid did not return but this year, on the basis of fruitful discussions with the Ethiopian government as well as with the parties concerned, we managed to bring them.”

The head  appreciated the efforts and the support of the government in the humanitarian aid actions, which facilitated the smooth running of their action.

The Government Communication Service (GCS) also said  yesterday that the terrorist group had blocked the flight to Mekele airport for planes carrying medical and food supplies for children,  made available by the government.

The myth of fuel shortage is a TPLF hidden agenda to enhance mobility of its army in preparation for another round of conflict, GCS twitted.

The GCS further noted during last week alone 3 fuel tankers carrying 137,913 liters have arrived in the regional capital Mekelle, cumulatively reaching 920,309 liters of fuel sent to the region.

In similar development, the National Risk and Disaster Management Commissioner, Mitiku Kassa disclosed that the humanitarian assistance to Tigray region is especially improving since April and will be maintained.

The commissioner went on as saying: “Especially since April 1, 2022, many vehicles have made their way to Mekelle, Tigray, through Afar; and partners and donors have commended it. Many partners often advise the need to transport 100 trucks per day and 500 per week. We have (however) exceeded this. Now 308 trucks in a day and over 500 trucks a week are entering Mekelle. We believe this success has to be strengthened to reach the 5.2 million people,”  

According to Saad, the United Nations humanitarian affairs organization is trying to see how it can succeed in supporting people in need and helping them find livelihoods, revealing that an effective system has been put in place, working with agencies specializing in a particular areas such as health and nutrition.

Since 2004, the United Nations Humanitarian Affairs organization has provided humanitarian assistance to affected people in Ethiopia and currently operates through 10 sub-offices including the main office in Addis Ababa.

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