Ethiopia Rejects Sudanese Defense Force’s Misrepresentation of Facts, Unjust Blame

The Government of Ethiopia has rejected the misrepresentation of facts and unjust blame on Ethiopia regarding the recent tragic incident occurred at the common border of the two countries.

The Ethiopian Government has learned about the tragic incident occurred at the common border with the Sudan on 22 June 2022, a statement issued today by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

According to the statement, the incident took place within Ethiopian territory after incursions by a Sudanese regular army unit supported by elements of the terrorist TPLF.

The Ethiopian Government regrets the loss of life as a result of a skirmish between the Sudanese army and a local militia of which an investigation would be carried out soon, the statement added.

“Whereas the above was what has transpired at the common border, the Government of Ethiopia categorically rejects the misrepresentation of these facts by the Sudanese defense forces that unjustly put the blame on Ethiopia while it was the Sudanese army unit that has crossed into the Ethiopian border provoking the incident.” 

The Government of Ethiopia, therefore, hopes that the Sudanese Government would restrain itself from any escalation of the incident and would take measures that could de-escalate the situation.

The Government of Ethiopia believes that the incident was deliberately concocted to undermine the deep-rooted relations between the peoples of Ethiopia and the Sudan, the statement said.

On top of that, the incident was designed to destruct Ethiopia from its path of peace and development, it further added.  

The Government of Ethiopia, however, remains committed to the principles of amicable resolution of differences among states.


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