Islamic Affairs Supreme Council Elects Members of General Assembly, Executive Committee

The Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council has today elected new members for general assembly and executive committee for the next three years.

The general assembly has elected Ibrahim Tufa as the president of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council.

Shekh Abdurehman  Shekh Bedredin and Abdulaziz Abdulwole were elected as vice presidents  while  Shekh Hamidin Musa were appointed as General Secretary of the council.

The members will serve the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council for the coming three years.  

It is to be recalled that a committee was elected at the Ethiopian Muslims Institutional Reform and Unity National Conference held on April 2019.

During the occasion, the committee was given a mandate to undertake the necessary preparations with a view to conducting election of leaders of the council within six months.  

However, the committee has failed to carry out its responsibilities for more than three years and six months.

Due to the failure made by the committee to conduct the election during the stated period, the issue was tabled today before the general assembly for the second time

Accordingly, the general assembly was held in the presence of representatives drawn from across the country.

The Ethiopian Muslims Institutional Reform and Unity in its 2nd round assembly held today has elected 30 members of the general assembly and 14 executive committee members that will lead the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council for three years.

Out of the 300 participants with the right to vote, 261 were present at the general assembly, it was indicated.

The remaining ones were absent at the assembly due to various reasons including death, health problems and travels to perform Hajj pilgrimages.

The election was conducted after the criterion was set and announced to the participants.

The newly elected president of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, Shekh Ibrahim Tufa said during the occasion that the election was historical as it was carried out with full freedom without any interference.

He also extended gratitude to those who have contributed their part to the successful accomplishment of the election.

The new president pledged to exert maximum efforts to enhance the unity of the Muslim community noting that the duty he has been entrusted is huge.

To discharge his responsibility, he further called on the Muslim people to stand by his side including with prayers.

Observers of the election have also confirmed that the election process was democratic, impartial and fair.    


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