Second leg of FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour kicks off in Seoul

The second and final leg of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour kicked off on Wednesday in Seoul, Republic of Korea, three months before the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

By the end of the Trophy Tour, all qualified countries will have had a chance to see football’s biggest prize up close.

The FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour kicked off on May 11 and will stop in 51 countries and regions, the FIFA said.

The trophy is expected to finish the tour in Doha, just a few days before the World Cup kicks off on November 20.

Colin Smith, FIFA’s Chief Operating Officer said the first phase of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour was a “fantastic success, engaging the broader public through the magic of the largest football festival on Earth.”

“By, for the first time, visiting all the nations that have qualified for the FIFA World Cup, the momentum of the Trophy Tour will continue to build, giving fans of all ages a taste of the excitement to come – and we hope they will join us in Qatar later this year for the ultimate celebration of the beautiful game,” he added. 


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