An Ethiopian NASA researcher has developed a radioactive material that can find water on the moon.

The Ethiopian NASA researcher, Dr. Engineer Birhanu Bulcha, has been announced to have made a substance that can find water on the moon using the formula of quantum physics.

The information obtained from the American space research NASA indicates that the material is named “heterodyne spectrometer”.

The device is said to emit high-intensity radiation to magnify and identify water bodies on the moon and pinpoint their exact location.

Pursuant to NASA, previous studies and experiments have confirmed that there is a small amount of water on the moon, but it has not been possible to identify it.

NASA also announced that it was not able to separate water, free hydrogen and hydroxyl with the technologies it developed earlier with the technologies it developed earlier.

A prototype of the material is also said to have been developed in collaboration with NASA’s Longwave Photonics research program.

Regarding how much water is on the moon, based on remote observations by radar instruments aboard Chandrayaan-1 and LRO, the lunar poles have over 600 billion kilograms of water ice. That’s enough to fill at least 240,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools
As for why the presence of water on the Moon is important, apart from being a marker of potential life, water is a precious resource in deep space.

For astronauts landing on the Moon, water is necessary not only to sustain life but also for purposes such as generating rocket fuel.


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