Gov’t Will Continue Upholding Constitutional Obligations to Safeguard Ethiopians: DPM &FM

The federal government is committed to taking all the necessary steps to prevent TPLF from harming people in Amhara and Afar regions and meet its constitutional responsibilities, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen said.

Briefing diplomats and representatives of international organizations in Addis Ababa about current developments in Ethiopia, the deputy premier focused on the conflict the TPLF re-ignited, the present humanitarian situation, and the government’s continued efforts to bring the conflict to a peaceful conclusion.

TPLF’s latest wave of attacks which began on August 23, 2022 against the Amhara and Afar areas is not accepted, he stressed.

Unlike TPLF which continues to impose conditions and disparage the AU-led peace process and escalates hostilities, Demeke stated that the Ethiopian government is committed to achieving peace.

The Government of Ethiopia has been taking measures against the terrorist group with utmost care to avoid civilian casualties, alerting them to protect themselves by staying away from military installations, he explained.

The TPLF, which displaced people, killed civilians, looted and destroyed infrastructure has returned to again attack the same neighboring localities in both Amhara and Afar regions. according to the deputy premier.

Despite the TPLF’s victimhood tactics, including blaming and demonizing the government, the Ethiopian government will continue to uphold its constitutional obligations to safeguard the lives and livelihoods of all Ethiopians.

These communities have lived side by side together with Tigrayans and intermingled with them throughout history, Demeke underscored. The TPLF is, however, trying to sow inter-ethnic hatred and discord culminating in bloodshed by expanding vicious attacks and spreading hate propaganda.

“The government is forced to take all the necessary measures to stop the TPLF from victimizing again these communities. Nothing will deter us from discharging our constitutional responsibilities of protecting the lives and livelihoods of all Ethiopians, wherever they may be and from defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia.”

He further stated that the TPLF has been violating the spirit of the humanitarian truce through hostile rhetoric, recruiting child soldiers, and mobilizing the public for yet another round of hostilities.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister thanked those countries which supported the federal government’s attempts to stop further violence and questioned the motivative of some groups that still provide support to the TPLF.

According to him, some entities persist with a negative view of this country and very few have gone the extra miles of supporting the TPLF, while some promised to support them in open.  

“The worst manifestation of hostility to the government has gone as far as supplying the TPLF with military hardware. The Ethiopian Air Force has successfully stopped one such attempt to supply weapons to the TPLF. This is a blatant violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia,” he underlined.

Other countries must take notice of this dangerous development and understand that their national security could be willfully threatened at any time, Demeke pointed out.

Speaking on the humanitarian situation, he appreciated the fruits of the humanitarian truce in alleviating the dire conditions of people in Tigray, further urging some parties to desist from acting beyond recognized mandates.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister welcomed humanitarian partners and international organizations that honestly and impartially served the people.

He also pointed out that certain groups should refrain from equating the government with the outlawed terrorist organization and from taking measures which will worsen the conflict and threaten Ethiopia’s sovereignty.


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