Horticulture Export Generates $628 million in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has secured some $628 million in revenue from exporting horticultural products to various destinations during the just-ended Ethiopian 2014 E.C fiscal year (2021-22).

The news, sourced from the Ministry of Agriculture, is reported to be the result of various reform activities that have been taking place in the agricultural sector in general and the horticulture sub-sector in particular. The latter encompasses vegetables, fruits, plants, flowers, and others.

According to the Ethiopian Herald, the flower sub-sector alone generated over $541 million in the last EFY and became the most valuable agricultural export commodity next to coffee.

The country also ranks among the leading flower exporting countries to international markets in Africa.

Officials at the Ministry of Agriculture attributed this success, and further potential, to Ethiopia’s conducive climate, the relative abundance of water, adequately trained labor force, as well as the government’s favorable disposition and policies towards investors in the sector. In addition, Ethiopian Airlines was noted as a significant factor due to its ultramodern cargo service that transports cut flowers with maximum care all over the world.

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