Apple Shelves Plan to Use Chinese Memory Chips as Washington Sanctions Bite

The US tech giant has reportedly frozen plans to use the Yangtze Memory Technologies Co’s (YMTC) memory chips in its products – the decision coming just days after fresh 🇺🇸 export controls against the Chinese tech sector. (Nikkei citing sources)

Apple had intended to start using the state-funded memory chips in iPhones as early as this year for the Chinese market – the firm also purportedly considering buying 40% of its global requirement from YMTC.

However, Washington placed the chipmaker and 30 other 🇨🇳 entities to its so-called ‘Unverified List’ – comprising firms whose end users 🇺🇸 officials cannot verify. YMTC is also under scrutiny from the Biden admin for potentially selling products to blacklisted Chinese telco Huawei.


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