How former President Lula defeat incumbent Bolsonaro for Brazil election

Brazil don turn to left as former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva beat far-right incumbent Jair Bolsonaro for di presidential election.

Afta one campaign wey cause division wey  also see two bitter rivals for  opposite sides of di  political space face each oda. Lula win 50.9% of di votes.

Di votes dey enough to beat Jair Bolsonaro, wey im supporters bin dey ova confident say dem go win.

Di mata be say di division wey dis election don torchlight no go vanish just like dat.

Di comeback na big surprise for a politician wey bi no fit contest for di last election for 2018 sake of say im bin dey for prison and also chop ban from contesting for any election.

Dem bin find am guilty say e kolet  bribe from one Brazilian construction company in return for contracts from  Brazil’s state oil company Petrobras.

Lula spend 580 days for prison before dem cancel im  conviction and e return to  politics.

“Dem try to bury me alive but see me here” e tok, as e start im victory speech.

Lula embrace im wife Rosangela after im victory

•      77 years old

•      Left-wing

•      Former metal worker

•      President from 2003-2010

•      E go prison for 2018 but dem later cancel im conviction.

Opinion polls from di beginning suggest say im go win di election, but wen im lead for di first round small pass wetin dem predict many Brazilians start to doubt dia accuracy.

Jair Bolsonaro’s supporters  – wey di allegation ontop dia candidate ginger “di establishment” and di media bin dey against am and sake of say dem dey downplay im support – bin get  complete faith say im go win.

Di victory of di left-wing leader dey likely to clash wit some  Bolsonaro fans, wey don label Lula “as tiff ” and argue say di cancellation of im conviction no mean say im bin dey  innocent, just dat dem no follow di proper legal procedure.

And while Jair Bolsonaro don lose, lawmakers wey dey close to am win a majority for di Congress.

E mean say Lula go face strong opposition to im policies for di legislative body.

But Lula, wey served two terms for  office between January 2003 and December 2010, no be stranger to forming political joinbodi wit odas. 

E chose former rival Geraldo Alckmin as im vice-presidential running mate wey contest  against Lula for past elections.

E be like say im strategy of creating “unity” don work and e draw voters into di fold wey fit neva  consider other options but to  cast dia ballot for im Workers’ Party. 

In im victory speech, e say im go govern for all Brazilians and no be only di pipo wey  vote for am.

“Dis kontri need peace and unity. Dis population no wan fight again” e tok

Jair Bolsonaro neva concede defeat yet. Tension bin full part of di campaign sake of say di far-right president bin no sure  – even though im no give any evidence – on how  reliable di electronic voting system of Brazil dey.

Dis tin make fear catch dem and im fit no accept di result if e go against am.

One day before di second round, im bin tok say: “Di small doubt no dey at all anybody wey get plenti votes take am( di election), na wetin democracy dey all about”.

67 years old

•      Far-right

•      Former army captain

•      Running for a second consecutive term

•      E no dey sure about di trustworthiness of Brazil’s electronic voting system

For di election day, police stop buses wey dey cari voters to di polls ,  Lula campaign tok say na an attempt to stop pipo from voting.

Di head of di electoral court, Alexandre de Morales, order di highway police to remove all roadblocks and checks.

E say even though dem delay some voters dem no stop any of dem from voting. But di incidents increase  tension for pipo bodi small.

As e be so expectation dey high as to wen and wetin Mr Bolsonaro go tok, now wey e don dey official say di votes wey pipo cast for am small pass Lula own.

No be only Brazil monitor di election closely o, but pipo abroad, wit environmental activists in particular bin dey worry about anoda four years of Bolsonaro goment for lead to more cutting of trees for di Amazon rainforest.

Lula refer to these fears for im victory speech as e say im dey “open to international co-operation to protect di Amazon”.

“Today we tell di world say Brazil don come back. E dey too big to banish to dis sad role of global pariah,” he added as e dig on im rival.

But di main tin for im speech na di promise to tackle hunger, wey don rise for  Brazil and e dey affect more dan 33 million pipo.

Wetin make Lula popular well well na during im first two terms for  office wia e remove  millions of Brazilians out of poverty.

But inside a  post-pandemic economy, to get money to recreate wetin e do before no go easy, especially if di Congress no support am.


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