Job Title: Experienced casher (urgent)

Company: Stoneman Building Material Manufacturing PLC

Job Type: Permanent

Description: • Supervise and handling of all cash transaction of the Plant, prepare and maintain daily, weekly and Monthly report of transactions.
• Monitor the issue of receipts and deliver to the customers and issue of Z-report of daily sales from cash register machine on time.
• Supervise payment of monthly utilities of water, electric and internet/line phone bill as per the time schedules.
• Follow up and monitor annual cash register machine inspection process according to the time frame.
• process sales transaction
• calculate the cost of products or service
• accept payments
• calculate and return changes when required by the payment method
• maintain adequate denomination in the cash drawer and request additional change
• answer customer question about the products or service
• Reconcile cash and sales receipt
report issues with equipment
• Prepare monthly payroll of workers/daily laborers and ensure that payment shall be paid on time to them plus, pay others payment /salaries to permanent employees according to the payroll prepared by payroll department.
• Respond to customers’ complaints and take necessary action to resolve their problems and ask feedback. Notifies any overage or shortage of amount to plant Manager/ Finance Manager.
• Train other staff members to work as Casher or new jointed cashier.
• Keeps safely cash and sales pad, printed receipts and other cash documents in safe custody.
• Monitor and supervise the overall financial transactions of the factory; especially deposits of daily money received from customers in cash or by cheque to Bank.
• Perform other related tasks as required by the organization.
• Degree in Accounting, and Accounting & Finance
• 2 years of experience as Cashier

Location – kality

How to apply : send us your CV Via Telegram or via email :

For any questions please contact us through our cell 0939556170 / 0943234535


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