3 people injured in Baghdad International Airport fire

Three people suffered minor suffocation as a result of a fire that broke out on Tuesday at Baghdad International Airport, but flights were not affected.

Videos posted on social media showed flames reaching the ceiling of the airport near the check-in counters in one of the passenger halls which were filled with smoke.

An official in the Civil Defense Directorate mentioned that the fire lasted for a few minutes and three people were treated for suffocation.

The official added that the fire did not affect the air traffic in the airport.

A fire broke out inside a cafeteria kitchen in the departure hall at Baghdad International Airport, the Iraqi News Agency (INA) reported.

Safety standards in the transport and construction sectors in Iraq are often ignored, which frequently leads to accidents.

The passenger halls in Baghdad International Airport have not witnessed any major modernization since its opening in the 1980s.

At least nine people were killed and more than 13 others were injured on October 29 after a gas tanker truck exploded due to a technical failure inside a parking lot in eastern Baghdad.

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