Ethio Telecom, CNET Software Technologies launch integrated digital service charge system

Ethio Telecom and CNET software technologies signed an agreement to implement telebirr and CNET integrated payment system that would enable the CNET Software Technologies partners’ to get their customers settle service charges and transactions using telebirr, a mobile money platform.

Specifically, the implementation of telebirr & CNET integrated payment system will play crucial roles for institutions such as hospitals, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, entertainment and hospitality service rendering organizations as well as other similar institutions to get easily settled their service charges and various transaction payments using telebirr which is currently used by over 25 million subscribers, according to Ethio telecom.

Consequently, customers can easily settle their service charge or make transaction payments by scanning service rendering/product suppliers’ QR Code or by informing the cashier in advance that they want to settle the payment via telebirr and using the payment reference PIN sent to their mobile, they can settle via telebirr app or USSD and will receive a payment confirmation message from telebirr 127.


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