IOM launches a three year project in Oromia and Somali

The International Organization for Migration announced the 18 million dollar project to be implemented in the Oromia and Somali region.

IOM Ethiopia has announced a three-year project to be implemented in the Oromia and Somali regions of Ethiopia.

The organization has announced the project in Addis Ababa, which aims to permanently resettle citizens who have been displaced from their villages due to conflicts and drought in the two regions.

This project, which will be implemented in the next three years, will require 18.8 million dollars, and it is stated that the Swedish International Development Organization and the Swiss government will cover it jointly.

This project is to be used to help 54,000 citizens in need, and it is stated that the project will be implemented in coordination with IOM, UN, World Food Organization, Ministry of Peace and other regional and international institutions.

IOM is helping citizens to migrate based on knowledge and information, to talk with countries when they face problems in the countries where they have migrated, to return to their countries and to protect them from harm.


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