Elephants kills eight people in Ethiopia

Elephants kills eight people at Babilie national park, in West eastern part of ethiopia.

Adam Muhammad, the head of the office, said; Due to widespread illegal settlements from both regions, a conflict has risen between the communities living in the shelter and the elephants.

Adam added that due to the deforestation of the area in the illegal settlement of the elephant shelter, where the elephants live and breed due to agriculture, charcoal production, road and housing construction, the elephants were disturbed and clashed with the local community, killing eight people and injuring four others.

Based on this, 10 elephants were killed by illegal hunting in 2021 alone, out of a sense of revenge and for economic benefits, and the problem has worsened in the last six years, Adam said to medias in Addis Ababa.

Babile Elephant Sanctuary was established in 1970 with 600 elephants, and currently there are no more than 320 Elephants.

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