Aster Aweke is to release her 25th New Album

Aster Awoke is to release a new album

Ethiopian solo musician, Aster Aweke revealed that she will be releasing a new album titled “Soba” in two weeks.

Aster is one of the best musician in the modern Ethiopia music and known for her own popular poems and songs, has announced that she will release her new album titled “Soba” in 15 days.

The album is also set to be released on Sewasew Multimedia on the eve of the Ethiopia’s Epiphany.

At the beginning of the current new year, sewasew multimedia, which was introduced to the public and signed more than a hundred veteran and young popular singers to work together; It is said that the singer’s new album “Soba”, which includes ten musical works, will be available to listeners through Sewasew local music  application.

Vocalist Aster Aweka signed with Sewasew Multi Media today in Addis Ababa for the release of her album.

Aster has delivered 24 hit albums and two singles to music lovers in the past twenty-four years, and “Soba” is her twenty-fifth album.

The singer is also known as the Queen of Ethiopian Soul Music as she has received high praise by performing her work on major international platforms in addition to the country.


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