Dashen Bank introduces “Dube Ale” a new Buy-Now Pay Later product

Addis Ababa:- Dashen bank, one of Ethiopia’s pioneering private banks, introduced “Dube Ale,” a digital credit service that allows users to purchase goods and services on credit.

The Bank, in collaboration with Eaglelion Technology Plc, officially launched the service at the Sheraton Addis Hotel on January 10/2023.

The new offer gives the consumers the ability to pay back in three-month, six-month, or a year increments, the scheme will boost economic activity by allowing them to purchase products and services they require without having to pay cash in hand.

Customers can use the service by downloading the “Dube Ale” app from the Play Store, registering for it, and then visiting any nearby Dashen Bank branch for verification accounts.

Customers can make credit purchases from a list of physical and online stores and merchants that have agreed to accept Dube Ale from Dashen Bank. Shoa Supermarket, Warit Furniture, and Queens Supermarket are among the service providers who have already signed up.

Customers must be over the age of 18 and have a monthly income, which they can prove by providing documents such as a letter from their employer or, in the case of business owners, a business license.

The maximum Dube Ale spending limit is currently set at 700,000 birr and is determined at Dashen Bank branches. Payments can only be made through the app, and no withdrawals are permitted.

According to Asfaw Alemu, CEO of Dashen Bank, users will have the option of repaying the money via Amole, Dashen Bank’s mobile Banking platform, or allowing the bank to deduct funds from their bank account automatically.

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