Ethiopian Orthodox Church Delegates Heads to Russia

Addis Ababa, EN, 13 Feb, 2023:- Ethiopian Orthodox Church delegates heads to Moscow

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) delegation arrived in Moscow for bilateral talks.

Members of the Ethiopian delegation led by Abune Philip, President of Holy Trinity Spiritual University and Archbishop of South Omo Diocese.

The head of the Department of External Relations of the church teacher Daniel Seife Michael and the Head of the Department of Temporary and Permanent Projects of the Patriarch Office head.

Last week, the EOTC warned the federal government of Ethiopia to call national peaceful demonstration due to the government biased treatment and interference to it’s activities.

Later on, the church and the government officials discussed on major differences and postponed the demonstration to un identified period.

The government continues the detention of church’s members and activists in all part of the country.


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