PACJA warned that Africa keeps suffering from Climate Change

By Samuel Abate

The Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance warned that Africa keeps suffering from climate change

The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) held its annual conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia attended by representatives of 51 member countries and other stakeholders.

According to Mithika Mwenda, the founder and executive director of the Alliance, Africa is paying more and more for greenhouse gas emissions from industrialized countries.

The director also pointed out that although conferences are held every year to advise on climate change, developed countries have not set up a compensation system for Africa’s damage.

At the 2022 COP27 climate summit in Egypt, the Pan African Climate Network Alliance addressed the effect of climate change on the international communities, Mr. Mithika added.

And also the director announced that explained Africa’s needs and the damage of climate change to different stakeholders.

The director also said that the COP28 conference will be organized by the United Arab Emirates, and the PACJA will work to explain Africa’s position at this conference.

Pan African Climate Justice Alliance was founded by climate activists Augustine B Njamnshi and Mithika Mwenda and works together with climate change institutions, research, and media institutions in 51 African countries.

The Alliance is a network of more than 1000 organizations from 48 countries in Africa. It is based in Kenya and consists of NGOs, grassroots organizations, trusts, foundations, indigenous communities, farmers, community-based organizations, and religious institutions.


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