Ethiopian Airlines appeals for assets held by Nigeria

Ethiopian Airlines has requested the refund of the money held by the Nigerian government.

Although the amount of money was not disclosed, it was said that the money was requested to be returned due to the shortage of foreign currency in the country.

When Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari came to Addis Ababa to participate in the 36th African Summit; He had a discussion with the Chairman of the Board of Ethiopian Airlines.

The chairman of the board, Mr. Girma Wake, has asked the president to return the money seized by the Nigerian government due to a problem with foreign currency.

The chairman of the board also asked the Nigerian government to solve the legal obstacles blocking Ethiopian Airlines’ plan to take 49 percent of Nigerian Airlines.

Muhammad Buhari on his part, stated that the decision to allow Ethiopian Airlines to operate in Nigeria was very difficult for his government. He expressed his belief that things will get easier in the future.

It has been shown that Ethiopian Airlines is ready to start operations in Nigeria as soon as all the court related issues are resolved.

In addition, Ethiopian Airlines plans to strengthen its market ties in Nigeria by adding more flights from Lagos Addis Ababa and Abuja Addis Ababa.


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