Ethiopia resumes sending house maids to Saudi Arabia

Ethiopia has been deploying citizens to work according to the agreement it made with the government of Saudi Arabia, but the work has been suspended due to the covid-19 epidemic.

By resuming this employment agreement, Addis Ababa City Employment Enterprise and Industry Development Office has set up a committee from the district to the center to provide training for citizens to be employed as house keepers in Saudi Arabia.

The offices stated that 10 technical and vocational colleges have been set up in all the sub-cities to carry out the training, and priority will be given to the graduates and the trained residents of Addis Ababa.

The training will focus on housekeeping and basic skills, language, culture, lifestyle, work ethics, life skills, and pre-travel according to the needs of Saudi Arabia, and the training will be offered starting from March.

Since 1990s, Ethiopia sends domestic workers to the Middle East countries and this work has been stopped due to the outbreak of the Corona virus in 2019.


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