Ugandans migrates to Ethiopia in fear of doomsday

Hundreds of Ugandan religious sect members are fleeing to Ethiopia in fear of doomsday.

The sect leaders convinced them that the end of the world is happening soon and that death would strike their area.

Hundreds of people in eastern Uganda have fled their villages to Ethiopia, the Ugandan police said.

According to the police investigation, the members of the sect fled to escape from the end of the world, which they believed would start in their area.

The members of the sect said they were told by the leaders that their area would soon be hit with death and all the people would die.

These Ugandans, who are said to have sold their property and migrated to Ethiopia, are now talking to some of their relatives in Uganda.

“We are investigating a religious sect called the Church of the Disciples of Christ in Obulum village in Eastern Serere district of Uganda.

We started the investigation since February after we received information that people were moving to Ethiopia and it has continued until today, local police spokesman Oscar Ogeka told Anadolu.

Hundreds of people say that if they were informed by their leaders, death will soon come to their area and the only place they can be saved is in Ethiopia.

Serere,Kumi and Ngora district residents in eastern Uganda told that, they should go there and spread the gospel.

Bruno Isere, the leader of the area, told Anadolu that the village leaders went to Ethiopia unknowingly by selling their property to raise money for transportation.

In Uganda, there are many religious groups and rituals that sometimes cause people to die wrongly.

From March 17, 2000, the cult led by Joseph Kiwetere orchestrated the tragic fire that killed more than 700 people.

Kibwetter convinces his followers to sell all their possessions, claiming that the world is coming to an end soon. After confiscating their possessions, he locks them in a shrine and burns them.


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