Ethiopia plans to privatize four Public Enterprises

Ethiopia plans to privatize four public companies

The government announced that plans to privatize the ownership and management of public enterprises.

Mr. Habtamu Hailemichael, Director General of Public Development Organizations’ Ownership and Management said that, four institutions that are owned by the government will transfer to private business men.

The director stated that it is planned to gradually transfer private investors such as BM Textiles, Africa Juice, Abyata Soda Ash and AMCE in public and private partnership.

He pointed out that the government has privatized more than 300 organizations in the past years, and he the current system of focusing on the needs of the government and the people will continue.

Ethiopian Development Bank, Ethiopian Engineering Group, National Animal Health Institute, Ethiopian Postal Service Organization, Debt and Wealth Management Corporation, Ethiopian Industrial Resources Development Corporation, Ethiopian Electric Power, Industrial Parks Development Corporation and Ethiopian Railway Corporation responsible for the ownership and management of public development enterprises.


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