NEBE warns the Government to safeguard the rights of political parties

National Election Board of Ethiopia issued a press release regarding the parties that were banned from holding their general meeting.

In its statement, the board stated that the government security forces prevented the parties from holding a meeting.

Election Board Chairperson Birtukhan Mideksa said that Enat Party, Balderas for Real Democracy, and the newly formed Gurage Unity and Justice (Gogot) parties were prohibited by security forces from holding a party general assembly last week.

She stated that the illegal activities of the security forces is not right and recommended the matters to the judiciaries to investigate who caused this problem.

The leaders of the newly formed Gogot Party also demanded the immediate release of the Chairman of the Election Board who claimed to have been arrested.

In addition to this, the abuse of the parties to prevent them from a conference they have started, as well as the arrest is not acceptable by the board and the law.

She called on the Ministry of Justice to follow up on the matter and take action against the violators.


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