Gianni Infantino re elected as FIFA President

The Swiss national Gianni Infantino retained the position of FIFA President, for third term that will last until 2027.

The FIFA Congress announced that Infantino won the presidency of FIFA.

Infantino’s first term officially ended, which began in 2016 to succeed compatriot Joseph Blatter.

FIFA said during the Congress held on Thursday morning that Infantino was the only candidate for this position during the last elections.

He pointed out that the third paragraph of item 30, and the third paragraph of item 52 of the FIFA regulations, provide for the election of the president by acclamation as long as there is one candidate.

Football witnessed many changes during the first era of Infantino, including the historic decision to increase the number of teams participating in the World Cup to 48 teams, starting from the 2026 edition.

Infantino pledged to move forward with further development in the world of the round witch over the coming years, especially in terms of arbitration to reduce the percentage of errors as much as possible, with the success of video technology in the last period


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