Ethiopia needs $20 billion to recover from war

In Ethiopia, two years ago, the war broke out following the attack by the TPLF on the Northern Command of National Defense.

As a result of this war, 800,000 people died and private and government infrastructure was destroyed.

The war has now stopped with the signing of a peace agreement brokered by the African Union in South Africa.

According to the Ministry of Finance, $20 billion is needed to restore infrastructure and other resources destroyed in the two-year war.

Tigray, Amhara and afar regional states are the most affected areas by this bloody war and 20 billion dollars will be needed for recovery from the damage in the next five years.

This reconstruction budget is planned to be covered by the federal government, aid from World Bank and Western countries.

Federal government and TPLF are implementing the peace agreement and an interim administration is being established in Tigray.

The spokesperson of the TPLF Getachew Reda was elected as the president of the interim administration of Tigray region.

US secretary Anthony Blinken, visited Addis Ababa last week and discussed with Ethiopian leaders on the implementation of the peace agreement and diplomatic issues.


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