Sudan Security forces rapes Ethiopians in prison

undocumented Ethiopians in Sudan are being imprisoned and raped by security forces in Khartoum.

The families of citizens who have made their lives in Sudan said that Ethiopians are being subjected to human rights violations in prisons.

Wondesen Getnet is a health professional and has been living in Sudan for the past 12 years.

He explained that the violation of rights that the country’s police are inflicting on Ethiopians.

According to Wodesen, the crime of rape is being committed against women and men in prison. They also beat and forbid them to eat.

He added that “the Sudanese officers take the prisoners to their private homes and make them do construction and other labor jobs.”

He also added that agricultural and other jobs are being held against the prisoners against their will.

Another resident of Khartoum, Kheyru Mohammed, said that Ethiopians are being chased by Sudanese security forces.

Undocumented Ethiopians are forced to pay large sums of money when they are placed under police custody.

The Embassy of Ethiopia in Sudan has announced on its social media pages that it is working to allow illegal Ethiopians to have passports.

However, the Ethiopians living in Sudan said that the embassy failed to respond appropriately to the violations of citizens’ rights.

The residents said that even if we report every violation in the prisons to the embassy, ​​they do not respond to us.

Sudan ministry of foreign affairs announced that security forces are arresting and investigating undocumented citizens who’re reside in the country.


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