Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed asked to resign

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is presenting his government’s six-month report to the House of Representatives.

A council member also asked the Prime Minister to resign.

The Prime Minister and his government are not doing enough to protect the security of the citizens and the sovereignty of the country.

One of the lawmaker maker members said that “citizens are killed by government security forces because of their identity and displaced, their houses are being demolished. And also  the armies of the neighboring countries have interred into Ethiopia’s northwest and southwest borders in a way that violates the country’s sovereignty.”

“Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has repeatedly presented its report about the killing of citizens by the government’s security forces, human rights crimes, displacements, murders, house demolitions, but the government of Prime Minister Abiy has not solved the problems”, he added.

“In the current situation in Ethiopia, the government is the main source of threat to the security of citizens and the sovereignty of the country,” Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed asked lawmakers.

Former Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Hailemariam Dessalegn, resigned due to repeated requests from the public and five years ago, Abiy Ahmed was appointed as the Prime Minister of Ethiopia.


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