Government terminate charges against TPLF Leaders

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Justice, said that according to the peace agreement signed between the federal government and the People’s Liberation Army of Tigray (TPLF) it has been agreed that crimes related to the conflict should be considered in the framework of transitional justice, taking into account the international experience.

Therefore, the Ministry has announced that the prosecution of the civil and military leaders of TPLF, who were accused of crimes, has been dropped.

The case of the defendants whose case was dismissed will be dealt with in the framework of transitional justice.

The Ministry stated that the criminal charges that were presented in this regard and were in the process of dispute were raised in accordance with Article 6 (3) (e) of Decree 943/2008.

The House of People’s Representatives de listed TPLF from terrorism organization last week.

However, various political parties protested the government’s decision saying that it was a mistake to remove the HHW from the terrorism register.


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