Ethiopia needs more than $700 million to support drought affected citizens

IGAD requested more than two billion dollars for drought affected areas in East Africa.

Due to the drought in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, more than 2.68 billion dollars are needed to increase key support in the next four months, the East African Intergovernmental Organization for Development (IGAD) announced.

IGAD has called for an urgent humanitarian response to provide basic needs such as water, food and fodder to rescue drought-affected areas.

The drought in the areas of the three countries which received below average rainfall during five consecutive rainy seasons has left many people without food.

Secretary General of the organization, Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu, said that 1 million people were displaced due to the drought.

IGAD announced that despite heavy rains in drought affected areas, there are still indications that the rains may be less than average.

In East Africa, 47 million people are food insecure, 70 percent of whom live in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia.

For these drought victims, the international community has been called to provide support that can save lives in a short time.

Ethiopia needs $710 million dollar to support citizens until next August.

In total, $1.6 billion will be given to Somalia out of the 2.7 billion dollars of support that will be spent in three countries.


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