Tigray set to receives its budget from Federal Government

The Federal government of Ethiopia announced that, sending budget subsidies to the Tigray region will start soon

State Minister of Finance, Dr. Ayob Tekalin, said that the federal government will begin releasing budget subsidies to Tigray region from next week.

The budget to be released to the region will be sent in monthly installments as it is done for other regions.

Tigray’s interim administration president Mr. Getachew Reda said a few days ago that, the federal government has reached an agreement to transfer the budget to Tigray.

Mr Getachew, who was appointed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as the head of the interim administration of Tigray region last week, the federal government approves the budget.”

On his part, the Minister of Finance said, he stated that the budget of Tigray region is “known”.

Although the federal government will not release budget subsidies until the temporary administration of the Tigray region is established.

Dr. Ayob said that the federal institutions in the region have already been “put into operation”.

Electricity and telecom service providers as well as government universities are among the budget priorities.

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