An Ethiopian killed by a dismayed horse

In southern Ethiopia, a young man was killed by a dismayed horse that, he’s using for transportation.

The police announced that a young man was killed by his own horse, which he used for transportation in Yerga Chefei town of Gedo zone in the southern region.

Ketisa Alemlu was carrying wood from the rural village where he lives in Yerga chefei town in Gedo zone, brought it to the city, sold the wood and he was returning home.

The 26-year-old young man was sitting on his horse and was returning home when the horse stopped with the sound of a motorcycle and threw the young man to the ground.

The young man was tied with a long rope with the horse and dragged to the ground by the running horse and beaten with stones and logs.

The Southern Ethiopia police said that, despite the hard work and efforts of the local community, the horse was somehow stopped, but the young man died from his injuries.


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