National lottery unveils Lucy number of admas lottery

9th round Admas Digital Lottery has drawn as below.

The National Lottery Administration released the 9th Admas Digital Lottery today, April 3 2023 at the administration’s lottery hall.

The number of the first lot that will win 3 million Birr lucky number is (0091844739).

The number of the second lot that will earn 1.2 million Birr (0090540530)

The third lot number (0092021699) earned 800 thousand Birr

The number of the fourth lot that will earn 400 thousand Birr (0090412316)

The number of the fifth lot that will earn 250 thousand Birr (0092260801)

Sixth Lottery Number (0090567816)

The seventh lot number (0091588711) will win 100 thousand Birr.


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