Protests in Ethiopia continues for the third conscutive days

Following the federal government’s plan to establish a centralized security forces, people goes to strike.

The federal government has announced that, the implementation of the regional special forces, which is said to have no legal basis, to be re organized into the federal police, national defense and regular police.

However, in various areas of the Amhara region, people who doubted and opposed the government’s decision went out to protest.

Especially in North Wolo, Gojam and other areas, roads were blocked by protesters, and roads leading to the capital Addis Ababa were also closed.

Following this, the transport movement from the Amhara region to Addis Ababa and from Addis Ababa to the Amhara region were partially closed.

The people came out to the public because the special forces of Tigray and Oromia may attack the Amhara people.

In addition, if all regional special forces are to be disarmed, the implementation should not start in the Amhara region and questioned the decision of the federal government.

The federal government, on the other hand, stated that it has encountered obstacles in the task of reorganizing the special forces in the Amhara region.

And also the government added that, there is no plans to disarm the Amhara special forces in a different way.

The Amhara regional government has also announced that, it will not decide and implement any decision that harms the interests of the Amhara people.


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