Ethiopia Urges Egypt to Stop its Internationalization of GERD

Ethiopia’s spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Meles Alem, made a statement on current diplomatic affairs.

The spokesman said at this time that Egypt is making repeated statements about the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

The statements are concerned that Ethiopia should not make a separate decision to hold water in the dam in the coming summer months.

“Ethiopia has no obligation to request permission from anyone to fill the Renaissance Dam,” he said in response to a question from journalists about the issue.

Ambassador Meles said that the Dam is a project that is being built by Ethiopia’s state and wealth.

The spokesman also added that the repeated statement of Egypt aims to internationalize following the approaching of the fourth round of water filling of the dam.

Another issue that Ambassador Meles raised in his statement today is the peace agreement signed in South Africa between the federal government and TPLF.

The monitoring and verification team established by the African Union to monitor the implementation of the agreement will release its summary report soon.

The spokesperson stated that this group of experts has not yet completed the report on the implementation of the agreement.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni will pay an official visit to Ethiopia next Friday.

During the two-day visit of Prime Minister Meloni, she will discuss bilateral and international issues with higher Ethiopian officials.


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