Prominent Ethiopian politician leaves his party amid pressure

Andualem Arage

Addis Ababa, April 20/2023, Ethio Negari:- Mr. Andualem Arage wrote on his social media page that he resigned from his political party.

One of the founders of the Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party (Ezema) has announced his resignation from the party.

Mr. Andualem served as the party’s leader from the time it was established, and after its establishment as a member.

In his statement to the party, Mr. Andualem stated that, he could not see the rift of Ezema being repaired in the party.

He expressed regret that could not get a positive response to their questions in the party.

Mr. Andualem said, “I had a plea that we should fix the appearance and alignment of our party already, and I submitted resignation letter because the party could not create the opportunity to discuss on our problems.”

Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party (Ezema) was the main contender of the ruling (Prosperity Party) in the 2021 Ethiopian general election.

After the election was over and the ruling party won, the party awarded positions of leadership at federal and regional institutions.

Following the appointment of some leaders of the party by the ruling party, there has been a division between the leaders and members of Ezema.


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