Ethiopia denies Army involvement in Sudan

Addis Ababa, April 20/2023, Ethio Negari:- ince last April 15/2023, a war broke out in Sudan between National defense and rapid support of Sudan.

According to Doctors committee, the death toll of civilians has risen to more than 350.

Meanwhile, many Sudanese media have reported that the Ethiopian army has invaded the territory of Sudan.

In a statement issued today on the issue, Ethiopia has announced that didn’t send any soldiers into the territory of Sudan.

Prime Minister Abiy said, “Parties who want to stir up conflict between Ethiopia and Sudan should refrain from their actions.”

In his statement, the Prime Minister said that some parties intending to spoil the relationship between Ethiopia and Sudan, “are spreading false information saying that Ethiopia has sent its soldiers into Sudan.”

He said that, although Ethiopia and Sudan have a border dispute, Addis Ababa believe that, their differences will be resolved through dialogue.

“Ethiopia does not want to use the current situation in Sudan for the border dispute,” Prime Minister Abiy added..

He also expressed his belief that “the people of Sudan, who is a brother, will not listen to such false rumors.”

The Prime Minister added, “Ethiopia should not do what Sudan did to Ethiopia by violating its sovereignty and forcibly controlling its land” when Ethiopia was in a difficult situation.

Ethiopia and Sudan are involved in a conflict over the land called Alfashga, and when the war broke out in northern Ethiopia, Sudan invaded Ethiopia’s land.


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