Egyptian military attaché killed in Khartoum, Sudan

Egyptian military attaché was killed in Khartoum, Sudan

The death toll in the 11th day of war in Sudan is increasing every day.

The war is between the Sudanese National Army and the Rapid support Force, and one on another is declaring victory.

Although many are calling for an end to the war which the war has never stopped, even though the warring parties have said that they have stopped firing.

According to the Egyptian government, its military attaché in Sudan’s Khartoum has been killed.

However, it is not yet known who killed this Egyptian military attaché.

US, European countries, Saudi Arabia and other many countries have evacuated their diplomats from Sudan, but they have not yet repatriated their remaining citizens.

Many citizens are leaving Khartoum by land transport through the Ethiopian border following the continuation of the war.

Ethiopia has also stated that receiving citizens of various countries from Sudan through Matema-galabat boarder

United States evacuated its citizens in Sudan from Khartoum through Ethiopia, and President Joe Biden thanked Ethiopia for its support.


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