Ethiopia to send 85 thousand university graduates to foreign countries

The Ministry of Labor and Skills presented its nine-month plan report to the House of Representatives.

The Ministry has announced that it has started a campaign to train university graduates and deploy them for work abroad.

The ministry has planned to send 85 thousand citizens to foreign countries for work in the last nine months and it has sent 56 thousand citizens to foreign countries.

The minister also stated that six million citizens have registered as job seekers in Ethiopia in the last nine months.

The Minister of Employment and Skills Mrs. Muferiat Kamil explained to the Parliament the work done by her office on job creation, technical and vocational training and foreign employment.

Following the minister’s report, members of parliament asked, “What have you done to create decent job opportunities for citizens?” 

Asegd Getachew, the state minister of Employers and Workers Affairs, responded to this question; He said that research has been started to increase destination countries in relation to foreign employment.

The government plans to send 500,000 women to Middle East countries, especially Saudi Arabia, for work in Ethiopia this fiscal year.

Priority is given to women who have graduated from university or college, who have been trained and are willing to go, who want to go as a returnee and have no criminal record, and who are willing to go through training.


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