Ethiopia approves a new national military decree

Addis Ababa, April 30/2023, Ethio Negari:- Ethiopia approves a new national military decree

A new decree has been approved that allows students who are 18 years old and have completed their high school education to undergo military training and serve for two years.

The House of Representatives approved the National Military Service Proclamation.

The council in its regular meeting held yesterday, approved the amended draft of the defense force prepared and submitted by the government.

According to Dr. Dima Negwo, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Foreign Relations and Peace Affairs of the House of Representatives, if students voluntarily become members of the Regular Defense Force or the National Reserve Force, the ministry will ensure that the related rights and benefits are protected.

The amended draft of the Defense Forces proposed by the government will make the National Defense Force free from any political bias to carry out its task of protecting the country.

This decree, which was amended by the government and approved by the council, includes the determination of the retirement age of the army members as well as the conditions under which members who have been retired from the army can be employed when the existence of the country is in serious danger.

However, this national military law is not mandatory at all and it allows to serve citizens voluntarily.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had said that he would issue a national military policy as soon as he came to power.

Ethiopia has decided to dissolve the regional’s Special Forces in to defense forces a month before.

Following this, the regional special force has been disbanded and there have been public protests in the Amhara region asking why the special force will be disbanded while treats exist.


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