Ethiopia’s Media freedom is “under serious attack”- Survey

According to a survey by amnesty international and southern African Media institute, 29 journalists were arrested in Ethiopia in 2022.

The two institutions announced that, the freedom of the press has faced a “serious attack” in Ethiopia.

In East and Southern African countries where authorities want to suppress press freedom.

The institutions also stated that attacks on journalists are increasing.

The two institutions released their survey on world press freedom day.

The survey conducted in 10 African countries, including Ethiopia, highlighting the media freedom and attacks on journalists.

In this survey, Ethiopia has been mentioned as a country that with high treats to journalists next to Democratic Republic of Congo last year.

According to a survey by the two institutions, 29 journalists and media workers were arrested in Ethiopia in 2022 alone.

The survey indicated that five of these journalists were arrested by Tigray authorities for “collaborating with the enemy”.

The case of journalist Temesegen Desalegn, the managing director of “Fitih” magazine, who was arrested in May last year, was also raised in a survey by Amnesty International and the Southern African Media Institute.

The survey recalled that journalist Temesegen, who was accused of “openly writing military secrets to unrelated parties” and spreading “false articles”, was released from prison last November on bail of 30,000 birr.

Many international media organizations are urging the government of Ethiopia to release journalists.


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