Ethiopia urged to reveal about Zanzibar’s negotiation

Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (EZEMA) urged the government to provide sufficient information about its negotiations with the Oromo Liberation Army in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

The party said that especially in the last few years in the Oromia region, we have clearly seen citizens being killed because of their identity, their property destroyed and displaced from their villages.

The party has expressed its support for negotiations to end such kind of suffering of the citizens.

However, the party announced in a statement that the negotiations that have been held at different times in the past five years, including the time when prosperity began to lead Ethiopia, have lacked clarity and poor performance.

The party said that the government has failed to publicize information about the implementation of agreement with TPLF which was signed last November 2022 in South Africa.

Therefore, the party urged the government to avoid the same problem that it had in the previous period of the transition, after the Oromo Liberation Army returned to the country from Eritrea.

The party requested to provide clear information to the citizens regarding the negotiations with the Oromo Liberation Army, who are participating, the content of the agreement, how it will be implemented and its implementation.

Since last week, a negotiation between the federal government and the “Oromo Liberation Army” is undergoing in Tanzania and details have not been released yet.


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