Abel Tesfaye reveals a new coffee brand to honour his mother

Abel Tesfaye, a world-renowned musician who was born and raised in Canada in his Ethiopian family, announced that he is going to offer Ethiopian coffee called “Samra” named after his mother to the international market in order to honour his mother and his family’s home country.

Abel announced the sale of the coffee in collaboration with “Blue Bottle Coffee” in a post on his Twitter page.

Abel Tesfaye and the record company have jointly established an organization called “Blue Bottle Coffee” to sell Ethiopian culture and Ethiopian coffee globally.

“Ethiopian culture is a defining part of who I am,” said Abel in a press release about “Samra Coffee’s” entry into the market. 

“When I was growing up, I watched my mother perform the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony saying, “nu buna tetu.”  Abel said.  He added that this helped him shape his understanding of the community he came from and always respect his identity.

In his statement to Billboard, Abel stated that “Samra” Origin is his true passion project.  He explained that the reason why he was named was to express his respect for his mother and his Ethiopian ancestry.

Abel Tesfaye ‘The Weeknd’ and his mother have participated in tasting coffee that will be available on the market from Today May 9, 2023.  He added that the income from the coffee sold will be used to support people in need of humanitarian aid in Ethiopia.

Blue Bottle’s sales will be donated to 20 million Ethiopians in need of food aid through the US World Food Program.

Abel Tesfaye ‘The Weeknd’ is a talented musician who won the MTV, VMA and American music awards, which are important in the music sector.

He was also highly praised for singing at halftime of the Super Bowl football game, which is given the highest place among Americans.

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